Test : Sonim XP8 Smartphone

Test : Sonim XP8 Smartphone

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More than ever famous on the other side of the Pacific, the brand Sonim, born on the California coast has been able to prevail worldwide as the undisputed leader in professional and industrial telephony. EPI TELECOM introduced you to the brand through their first Sonim XP1 device more than 10 years ago, and you have adopted it today. From year to year, this reputation is confirmed more than ever with the European release of their new smartphone Sonim XP8.

In order to guide you and allow you to get a concrete idea of the XP8 before taking the step, EPI TELECOM offers a comprehensive test of the device.





The Sonim XP8 is a smartphone designed for professionals constantly evolving in risk environments: public safety, private, construction, transport of goods and people, maintenance, health sector, and many others, it will adapt with brilliance and efficiency in any professional environment.

Available in Europe for the first time since September 2018 thanks to EPI TELECOM, the XP8 is designed to "serve the people who serve us" as the brand's announcement, and definitely meets this mission.

When its big brother, the Sonim XP7 was already a device endowed with an extreme capacity of resistance, the Sonim XP8 follows its steps by offering an irreproachable robustness foolproof, which will be able to conquer any professional, as well as a wide range of individuals annoyed to be forced to change too often phone because of their fragility. The aesthetic facelift suffered by the Sonim XP8 compared to the model that preceded it, tends to confirm this trend of adopting a professional smartphone on a daily basis, also intended for personal use. Indeed, the XP8, despite a template that is impressive at first glance (necessary to offer the best in terms of robustness), is no longer a "brick", opts for a sober design totally black, and hides well his game. San Mateo teams did a job on the design of this ultra-robust smartphone, extending it compared to its predecessor (152 x 79.5 mm against the 137 x 72.1 mm Sonim XP7) to make him lose in thickness, from 20.8mm to 18mm, proving much less disturbing in the pocket and in the hollow of the smallest hands, for a weight of 335 grams. The XP8 thus still validates the most demanding laboratory tests, thus giving itself the highest standard of physical resistance, MIL-STD-810G, which certifies you a resistance extreme :

  • - Resistant to the most violent falls and impacts they cause, up to 2 meters on concrete, from any angle.
  • - Insensitive to sudden shocks up to 30G (unit of measure of the acceleration of gravity, 30G representing an incredibly brutal shock in terms of impact and speed) and vibrations from 5 to 500 Hz..
  • - Resistant to extreme pressures up to a ton..
  • - Impossible to perforate, thanks to its receptacle lined in hardened industrial rubber, it is protected against impact energies up to 4J (unit of measurement of impact energy) and its Gorilla Glass screen up to 2J..
  • - Works perfectly even under extreme temperatures, from -20 °C to 60 °C..

In terms of resistance, the Sonim XP8 will hardly disappoint the user, keeping the technical standards that made the success of the brand, while adopting forms and textures much more attractive than the models that precede.





The resistance of the Sonim XP8 does not stop at the falls, shocks and vibrations that could undergo the phone. He is just as bluffing when he is put to the test of all liquid and solid substances that could block him. It takes advantage of the IP68 / IP69 standard, the highest standard of waterproofness of electronic devices, offering you the possibility of submerging it under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes without making it suffer the slightest damage, and be totally sealed against the penetration of the finest dust and micro-particles.

And if the Sonim XP8 overcomes the dangers that water (in all its forms) and dust represent for the majority of mobile devices, no other liquid changes the game: fuels, oils of any kind, solvent of degreasing, the outer shell that protects the XP8 has been designed to make the device insensitive to the most corrosive and toxic liquids. The device goes as far as offering the possibility of being cleaned with a karcher at high temperature and extreme pressure in order to be rid of any liquid likely to cause damage to its user.

The big novelty of the XP8 is the ATEX ZONE 2/22 standard, whose phone is certified in its basic version. It will be able to penetrate serenely within the zones presenting explosive atmospheres of short duration.





To fully adapt to your day-to-day activities, the Sonim XP8 is not only resistant and waterproof, it also offers a range of outdoor features that simplify your work by offering practical features that "civilian" phones do not have.

The Sonim XP8 responds brilliantly to the call, and takes care of many outdoor features:

    • - The main advantage that has always been present on the devices of the American brand is their extraordinary battery life. The XP8 is no exception to the rule, its enormous battery of 4900 mAh ensures you about 30 hours of communication in a row before going out, and more than 720 hours (30 days) standby ! Professionals who do not have access to a charging source for several days will never worry about being reachable, and can test the XP8 without hesitation. Regarding the battery, an advantage is apparent: it is removable on the XP8 which was not the case on the XP7. The most demanding users in energy will be able to interchange between 2 batteries in order to double the autonomy announced above, but also replace a battery which weakens without returning the device in technical center. It also comes equipped with the latest USB-C Quick Charge 4.0 standard that allows ultra fast charging of the battery , 3 to 4 times faster than a Micro USB connector.

    • - The screen of XP8, in addition to its extreme robustness to falls, shocks and perforations, embeds anti-reflective technology giving you clear vision even under full sun. Your activities in sunny and very bright environment will not present a brake to the good reading of the screen.

    • - The screen does not only present this advantage. Conscious that many users can not work or evolve in their environment without adequate equipment and often cumbersome, the touch screen can be used as bare-handed and wet, as with heavy, dirty, wet, greasy work gloves etc. So you will have no trouble making the transition between using your tools and your phone on a construction site, without having to remove and put back your gloves.

    • - The XP8 wants to be an ally of size at the audio level. Its dual front speaker is designed to emit more than 100 dB (decibels) of excellent quality, allowing the user to hear it in the noisiest situations and environments. At the same time, its triple noise-canceling microphone will allow the interlocutors to hear perfectly the user in the same type of environments. Many professional radio grade audio accessories (remote microphone, bluetooth kit, wired kit ...) can enhance the XP8 and meet the needs of your business.

    • - The XP8 is compatible with PTI/LWP solutions, Lone Worker Protection. This solution aims to secure the user during his most dangerous missions, in which he often moves alone or away from his colleagues. The PTI allows, in case of imminent danger, to launch manual alerts (rapid button press in case of danger) or automatic (user fall, loss of balance, prolonged immobility, loss of network signal or low battery ) geo-localized via GPS, several pre-programmed numbers followed by a series of automatic cascading calls to be found and rescued as quickly as possible. If you operate in the forest, at sea, in the snow, in the private security and health sector, a PTI solution can offer real benefits in terms of security. EPI TELECOM can provide you with professional PTI solutions to equip your Sonim XP8.

      • - It is also compatible with the EPI PTT solution, Push-To-Talk. The PTT allows a mobile device to access Walkie Talkie features, and communicate in a large group of users at the touch of a button, all through the mobile network 4G / 3G or WIFI, without any geographical limit between interlocutors. The PTT can be of real interest in business sectors where a large volume of information is exchanged in real time between many land agents, the transport of people and goods, public and private security and much more other. In order to save you time and optimize your daily communications, EPI TELECOM can offer EPI PTT fleets from 2 to 3000 simultaneous users.



    • - The XP8 also has the advantage of having a wide range of industrial grade accessories, allowing you to adapt your use to your objectives: robust cover, belt clip, charger and car holder, battery extension, code reader bar and more.

    • - The XP8 has dual SIM support, allowing you to join your professional and private line within the same device.





Now that we've talked about the resistance, sealing, and all the benefits that Sonim XP8 can bring to the outdoors, let's take a look at its software performance and technical characteristics.

It is at this level that the Sonim XP8 marks a revolution and a huge change compared to the models that precede it. By erasing all the defects that presented the XP7, it is more equipped than ever in terms of internal power:

Operating System : It runs on the most simple and accessible OS in the world, Android OS. It comes from the factory under the Android 7.1 Nougat version and has a very pleasant fluidity of use. It will benefit from future updates at the pace of the years to stay at the forefront of what is present on the market.

Screen : Its 5.0-inch screen improves in size but also in resolution, from a WVGA screen to a 1920x1080 Full HD LCD, allowing as much to accomplish your professional tasks, as enjoy multimedia content like watching a movie, play games or browse your social networks with the benefit of impeccable image quality.

Processor & RAM : The Sonim XP8 is equipped with an 8-core SDM630 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz, supported by 4 GB of RAM. This is a revolution for the American brand that has always favored robustness to performance. Today, the last joins the first by making the XP8 a monster in terms of its resistance as its software performance. Its excellent processor added to a solid RAM, you will run several power-hungry applications, without causing any slowdown to the device and ensuring a fluidity of use always at the rendezvous. The XP8 puts an end to the dilemma between robustness and performance.

Connectivity : In terms of connectivity, the Sonim XP8 remains equipped with the best technologies that make it an ultra connected smartphone. It equips the most modern standards of the market, 4G LTE multiplying the bands networks to be reachable everywhere, Wifi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / r, Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy and a complete GPS support (GPS, Glonass, Beidou ). For the most technical professionals, the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature responds to the call, and PTT (Push To Talk) and PTI (Isolated Worker Protection) compatibility provide excellent business benefits.

Memory & Storage : The big weakness of the Sonim XP7 was its storage capacity which was limited to 16GB without the possibility of extension. It is nothing today because the Sonim XP8 includes 64GB of internal memory (including 50GB usable) with the possibility of extension via Micro-SD up to 128GB, bringing its maximum storage capacity to 192GB , enough for the most demanding users and intensive consumers of content. The obligation to transfer data to a hard drive to free memory is no longer up to date.

Camera : The camera of XP8 offers to its user photos of excellent quality. With 12 megapixels in the back (Autofocus and Flash LED) and 5 megapixels in the front, it will offer detailed shots offering multiple settings options, as well as 4K UHD video quality.

Battery : As described above, its enormous battery of 4900 mAh, will allow you to remain reachable at any time, Sonim Scout suite embedded factory in the XP8 will allow you to diagnose from time to time the battery and all other features of the smartphone in order to never be caught by a hardware failure.




In conclusion, the Sonim XP8 marks a new era in professional telephony, in which extreme resistance and excellent technical performance go hand in hand without having to choose one to the detriment of the other. Whatever your needs in terms of smartphone, it is intended for a purely professional use, personal, or a mix of both, the Sonim XP8 is the super smartphone that you need. Its 36-month unconditional guarantee comes to perfect its value and testifies to the quality of its materials. EPI TELECOM offers you the price of 879 € TTC, in Europe (5 to 6 days delivery), whether you are professional or demanding individual.

After reading this test, if you still have questions about Sonim XP8, do not hesitate to contact our teams via the chat, the contact form or directly by phone.

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